Chrome VS Edge

Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and it is already installed on your PC

Browse Longer

Stream videos 2.5 hours longer than Chrome

Browse Faster

Microsoft Edge is faster than Google Chrome
Built-in Protection
Blocks 99% of socially engineered malware
Built-in Assistance
Browse with Cortana’s powerful AI assistance
That’s what I find when I search up ‘chrome’.
But when I search up ‘Which is better, chrome or edge?’
This  is what I get: (I used Bing)
Mashable/Raymond Wong
So, I’ll look some more:


faster than Chrome2**


faster than Firefox2**


more battery life than Chrome3**

Still image from the Safer Way to Get Things Done on the Web video

More secure

Safer than Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft Edge protects you from phishing attacks and socially engineered malware while you’re online1.

Still image from the Better Way to Binge on the Web video

Longer battery life

Don’t just stream. Binge watch. Get extended battery life with Microsoft Edge, when streaming HD video.3

Still image of Say Yes to One Touch Syncning video

Browse across devices

Use Microsoft Edge seamlessly between your phone and PC to get things done.11



So, that’s a change. That was from the Microsoft Website. That’s a bit more trustworthy.

But Google is equally trustworthy. So it’s not a change.

Google + Mashable = (lets say,) Gashable.

Gashable -Edge =Mashable.



                                                                  Google Wins


All the games, all the entertainment (especially Minecraft, which I play).

Most people are bored at church and chapel BECAUSE of these things.

I know three sites that aren’t too addictive:

Please comment down below if you know any more.

If you have a kid that’s obsessed with games, try showing them one of these sites.




When I am bored


I spent LOTS of time on this blog, and I’m only 8, so please don’t make fun of me or the blog. Thanks!

When I  am bored, and video games aren’t available, (for example, I used up all my time) I usually either:

  • Eat
  • Work on (or start another) blog.
  • Do my chores
  • Help my mother
  • Write a message
  • Take notes for studying with
  • Work on flash cards
  • Count my money
  • Message my friends
  • Draw a picture
  • Watch my father work (my father is a PC Eng./White Hat Hacker)
  • Fold paper airplanes
  • Message my family (for fun)
  • Play with my little brother


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