All the games, all the entertainment

Most people are bored at church and chapel BECAUSE of these things.


I know two sites that aren’t too addictive:




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When I am bored


I spent LOTS of time on this blog, and I’m only 8, so please don’t make fun of me or the blog. Thanks!

When I  am bored, and video games aren’t available, (for example, I used up all my time) I usually either:

  • Eat
  • Work on (or start another) blog.
  • Do my chores
  • Help my mother
  • Write a message
  • Take notes for studying with
  • Work on flash cards
  • Count my money
  • Message my friends
  • Draw a picture
  • Watch my father work (my father is a PC Eng./White Hat Hacker)
  • Fold paper airplanes
  • Message my family (for fun)
  • Play with my little brother


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